After School Bus

To support students who have faced difficulties on their way home, particularly after extra-curricular activities, from Monday 3rd February we will be piloting a free bus service which will follow the same route as the number 38 bus into the city centre. 

This bus is run by Beaver Bus; it will come onto the school site each evening at approximately 3.45pm where students will be able to board safely.

We will be trialling this service until Easter. 

The two regular services buses operated by “First Bus” at 2.45pm and 3pm will continue to run as usual and school staff will continue to support students boarding these buses. A copy of the number 38 bus timetable can be found here.

Students who wish to catch the later bus are welcome to use the school library for quiet study and revision and are actively encouraged to partake in the wide range of extra-curricular activities on offer. Full details of our extra-curricular offer can be seen here.  

Please note that whilst there is currently no cost to students to use the 3.45pm Beaver Bus, in future we may have to charge a small fee to sustain this service.

We remind all students that they are expected to behave respectfully and courteously on all journeys to and from school as they are representing Orchard Mead Academy.

Thank You.

31st January 2020
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