Computer Science STEM Trip!

#Computer Science STEM trip

As part of our Computer Science curriculum and commitment to providing children enriching experiences, we have arranged for 12 pupils to visit Gateway College for a More Able Technology and Science STEM Day.  We feel this will encourage the pupils to study STEM subjects at college and university.  The trip has been arranged for Wednesday 29th June 2022.

The day will give them an insight into STEM at higher level. Activities will include:

  • Robotics – They will build and program a robot to navigate a series of obstacles
  • E-FIT – They will use police software to create an image of a ‘criminal’
  • Vehicle – They will design, build and then race a simple electric vehicle
  • Medical Diagnostics – They will be tasked with diagnosing a ‘patient’ and test for diabetes.


This event is part of a wider national competition, in which the overall winning team from each event will progress to a Challenge Final which will held in January of next year. Good luck to the pupils attending!



27th May 2022
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