Computer Science and Information Technology

Computer Science/IT is studied by all pupils at Orchard Mead Academy, with one hour lessons a week during Key Stage 3.

Computer Science GCSE or the OCR National qualification in IT as options during Years 10 and 11.



Half term 1Half Term 2Half term 3Half term 4Half Term 5Half Term 6
Baseline test 1
Scratch with E-safety game
Hardware and Software
file formats
operating systems
 baseline test 2
Binary and hex logic gates
Flowchartsspreadsheet modellingMicro:bit
baseline test 3
Baseline test 1
Kodu project
Baseline test 4
search and sort algorithmsVB with creating an ordering system
Baseline test 5
Baseline test 1
Binary representation of data with compression
threats to a system , Ethics and ownership lawsNetworkingComputer Laws
Baseline test 6
Visual basic coding project

We offer GCSE computer science and the OCR National qualification in information technology.

Computer Science – OCR GCSE 

Year 10Year 11
HT1Visual basic coding
Systems Architecture
Computational Logic
Translators and facilities of languages
HT2Visual basic Coding
Memory and Storage
Wired and wireless networks
Data Representation
HT3Programming techniques
Network Topologies
Pseudocoding requirements
HT4Programming techniques
Systems Security
Systems Software
Ht5Robust programming
Ethical and legal considerations
HT6coding project


OCR National in Information Technologies 

A vocational course covering how different technologies can be used to gather store, manipulate and present data. Managing threats to systems, cyber security and managing data including data protection for business and customers is a large focus of this course. Following the project life cycle students will create solutions to customer requirements using a variety of techniques this course provides a sound basis to move on to further study or a career in IT.


Year 10Year 11
HT1SpreadsheetsControlled Assessment 20 hours
HT2databasesProcessing and presenting data
HT3Planning tools and techniques
Data collection methods
Exam 1
HT4Threats to data
Cyber security
HT5Data Manipulation methodsrevision
HT6Practice controlled assessment



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Useful Websites

Seneca learning


EXA MOOC – full theory content – students have a log in to use (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Subject Policies/Plans

Subject Leader/s

Mrs P. Pancholi

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