Design Technology

Design Technology is a core curriculum subject, studied by all pupils in Key Stage 3 at Orchard Mead Academy.

Design Technology is an option at GCSE level during Years 10 and 11.

Year 7Knowledge Lessons – Design and Food TheoryDesign Practical – GeodomesKnowledge Lessons – Design and Food TheoryDesign Practical – Felt Pencil CasesKnowledge Lessons – Design and Food TheoryFood Practical – Skills Based Recipes


Year 8Knowledge Lessons – Design and Food TheoryDesign Practical – Designer Case Study: Lucy SparrowFood Practical – Skills Based RecipesTechnical Design Drawing


Year 9Knowledge Lessons – Design TheoryDesign Practical – Angle Poise LampFood Practical – Skills Based RecipesKnowledge Lessons – Food Theory

Design and Technology
Year 10: Half Term 1·       Technical Design Drawing.

·       Design Knowledge.

Year 10: Half Term 2·       Architecture project.

·       Design Knowledge

Year 10: Half Term 3 and 4·       Body adornment project with alternative model making materials.

·       Design Knowledge.

Year 10: Half Term 5 + 61st June release of NEA.

·       Research, analysis of context, design brief, technical and core material understanding.

Year 11: Half Term 1·       Design ideas, design development and model making.
Year 11: Half Term 2·       Designing with appropriate testing, model making into clear prototyping. Analyse and evaluate;
Year 11: Half Term 3·       Testing and evaluation
Year 11: Half Term 4 and 5·       Revision of all core principles and application of principles in examination styles.


For information about enrichment clubs  and revision clubs please visit our clubs page here. 


Specific to the relevant examination board – BBC Bitesize has a wide range of resources appropriate for KS3 and KS4 Design and Technology. This also provides students with the opportunity to apply knowledge to a variety of tasks.

Support random tests to aid frequent revision to embed knowledge and understanding.

This site shows break downs of all core components and assists in revision and for use during NEA tasks.

The Design and Technology Department has a Twitter feed where we share a wide range of news stories, articles and blogs which will also provide cross-curricular links with other subject areas.



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Mr B Cave

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