Geography is a core curriculum subject, studied by pupils in Key Stage 3 at Orchard Mead Academy.

Students at Orchard Mead Academy study either Geography or History for GCSE during Years 10 and 11.



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Year 7Geography Threshold Concepts
7-01 How do physical processes shape our planet?
7-02 How do human processes shape our planet?
7-03 Why is our atmosphere essential?7-04 How can weather be hazardous?7-05 Can we cope with a population explosion?7-06 Why do different ecosystems exist?7-07 How can we sustainably manage resources?
Year 88-01 How can volcanoes be hazardous?8-02 Are inequalities in development inevitable?8-03 What can Britain learn from Iceland?8-04 Tourism – a blessing or a curse?8-05 How do rivers shape our landscape?8-06 How can Jamaica ensure sustainable development?
Year 99-01 Can people survive in earthquake zones?9-02 Are extreme hot environments habitable?9-03 Are cities getting too big?9-04 Are extreme cold environments habitable?9-05 How is the coast changing?9-06 Fieldwork study


 Half Term 1Half Term 2Half Term 3Half Term 4Half Term 5Half Term 6
Year 10Dyanmic DevelopmentDistinctive LandscapesUrban FuturesChanging  ClimateUK in the 21st CenturyPhysical Fieldwork (#1)
Year 11Human Fieldwork (#2)Global HazardsResource RelianceSustaining EcosystemsRevisionRevision

For information about enrichment clubs  and revision clubs please visit our clubs page here. 

BBC bitesize (OCR B)  GCSE Geography – OCR – BBC Bitesize

Seneca- geography OCR B Free Homework & Revision for A Level, GCSE, KS3 & KS2 (

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Miss C Butler

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