Science is a core curriculum subject, studied by all pupils at Orchard Mead Academy.

Students at Orchard Mead Academy will either follow the New AQA separate science (Triple) specifications which will result in a GCSE in Biology, Chemistry and Physics at the end of  Year 11, or the AQA Trilogy specification which is a dual award course resulting in two GCSE science grades at the end of Year 11.


KS3 Curriculum Map

Half Term 1Half Term 2Half Term 3Half Term 4Half Term 5Half Term 6
Year 7Introduction to Science
Cells and using microscopes
Science Skills
Elements and writing methods
Energy and calculations
Photosynthesis and graph skills
Metals, non-metals and drawing conclusions
Generating questions about space
Electricity and calculations
Using models to explain particles
Breathing and consequences of lifestyle
The circulatory system and safe dissections
Science skills
Human reproduction and communicating ideas
Forces and evaluating skills
Acids, alkalis with identification of risks
Plant reproduction and communicating ideas
Environmental Chemistry
Year 8Infection, disease and communicating ideas
Separating molecules and analysing patterns
Forces, speed and interpreting graphs
Respiration and communicating ideas
Types of reaction and analysing patterns
Investigating magnetism and electromagnetism
Nervous system and using apparatus to collect data
Periodic table and reviewing theories
Heating and cooling
Muscles, bones and examining consequences
Waves and communicating ideas
Digestion and communicating ideas
Examining the consequences of generating electricity
Variation and communicating ideas
Inheritance and examining the consequences of technology
Chemical energy and communicating ideas
Ecology and sampling
Year 9Cell BiologyInfectious disease and responseAtomic StructureEnergyOrganisationThe particle model.

KS4 Curriculum Map

Half Term 1Half Term 2Half Term 3Half Term 4Half Term 5Half Term 6
Year 10Structures and bonding

The rate and extent of chemical change

Chemical  changes
Quantitative chemistry
Homeostasis and response.ForcesOrganic chemistry
Year 11Atomic structure
Chemical analysis
Inheritance and response Magnetism and electromagnetismChemistry of the atmosphere
Using resources


Subject Policies/Plans

Subject Leader/s

Mr M. Betts

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