How to help your child succeed at MFL

How to help your child to succeed at French/Spanish:


  • Ask them to teach you / explain what they learned in their French/Spanish lesson.
  • Help them/encourage them to revise for the regular vocabulary tests (fortnightly in Y7 and Y8 and weekly in Y9, 10 &11) with short revision sessions of 5-15 minutes over several days.
  • Practise listening to the target language at home as regular exposure to the language is extremely helpful and we provide links to useful websites with short, engaging videos and audio resources. It is very helpful, especially during the first few years of learning French/Spanish, to listen to a text being read by a native speaker and to read along. There are several websites below that allow this.

Websites to use to practise French with a focus on listening and reading:

All years:


More challenging (for KS4 and very confident KS3 students):


GCSE resources (French currently, Spanish to follow)

Spanish resources:


More challenging (very confident KS3):


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