Making a Positive Difference – Challenge Partners Review

We are proud to share feedback from our Challenge Partners review in January 2020.  These comments provide testament to the hard work and dedication shown by all the staff at Orchard Mead Academy who are continuously “Making a Positive Difference“.

“Teachers use increasingly effective strategies to enthuse students.”

“Good systems for monitoring the quality of teaching are in place.”

“All staff work towards making improvements where they are needed”

“Strategies to improve students’ quality of education are evaluated and promoted to staff.”

“Leaders have ensured that the curriculum is appropriate for all students.”

“Students speak positively about their school.”

“Leaders promptly and precisely identified approaches that will have the most positive and rapid impact on students’ outcomes.”

“Students are keen to achieve and want to extend their knowledge and skills.”

“Teachers use insightful questioning to stimulate thought-provoking discussions and debates.”

“Students benefit from teachers’ good subject knowledge.”

“Students who require additional support are identified at an early stage.”

Student comments during the review:

“The school recognises academic potential.”

“Help and support when you need it.”

“Good teaching.”

“Kindness in teachers.”

“There are plenty of events and opportunities.”

“We are expected to ‘give it our all’ in lessons.”

“The school has the right balance between academic and sports.”

“Feel organised with homework and improved link to home around my learning.”

“Variety of extracurricular from sports, choir, debate club, Scholars Programme”

“Help/Support to overcome barriers.”

The full report can be seen here.


4th February 2020
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