Orchard Mead Academy Admissions Policy Consultation for 2021 and beyond

Orchard Mead Academy is proposing a change to its policy for admissions arrangements for the 2021/22 academic year and subsequent years. The proposed policy is presented here.

The change is to reduce the school’s Planned Admissions Number (PAN) from 240 to 210. This will take effect for Year 7 starting in 2021 and for subsequent years.


Rationale for change

Orchard Mead Academy does not reach its PAN at the start of each academic year. The PAN reduction will enable the school to operate closer to full capacity from the start of each year, so reducing the turbulence in the student population over the year. Greater stability in the student population will support the school improvement work being carried out at Orchard Mead Academy.


We have discussed the number of secondary school places forecast to be required over the coming years in Leicester City with the Local Authority and they support this proposed reduction in PAN.



The consultation period runs from Wednesday 18 December 2019 to Wednesday 29 January 2020 and allows anyone with an interest (for example parents, other schools and the local community) to comment about the proposed admission arrangements. You can comment by:

  • Writing to: Cathy Brown, The Mead Educational Trust, The Mead Centre, 343 Gipsy Lane, Leicester LE4 9DD
  • Emailing: [email protected]


TMET Admissions Policy for September 2021


Our current Admissions policy can be found here.

19th December 2019
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