Orchard Mead is a GOOD School

We are a good school!


On Monday 7th February, we received a call, advising us that Orchard Mead Academy was due to be inspected by Ofsted. Many of you will know that Orchard Mead and its community have been on a journey since the last inspection, and the news was met with a certain sense of trepidation.


Teachers were at once nervous, but also excited to show Ofsted just how far the school and its community have come in the last few years.


Over an intense few days, a team of 5 Ofsted Inspectors met with staff, pupils, academy councillors and Trust representatives as they scrutinised various elements of our curriculum, our school culture, and community.


We could not be prouder of how our children responded to this inspection. During chats with Inspectors, they were honest, kind, and thoughtful. The Lead Inspector commented that on the second morning she decided to walk into school from our local area, to get a feel for the daily routines. She was impressed by how many pupils said good morning Miss, and asked how she was as they arrived early to meet their peers in Breakfast Club.


Our children spoke about their curriculum, their school routine, how their voice is heard in regard to school improvement, and importantly, how safe they feel at school.


Inspectors explored all key areas of the school. From faculty leads, they heard how curriculum plans and learning have been adapted and reviewed to ensure students have the best possible outcomes, and leaders shared our approach to behaviour and safeguarding, which  is inclusive and secure.


We are delighted to share that the outcome for Orchard Mead Academy, was Good in all categories.


This is a reflection of the hard work of the school community, the dedicated staff, and the children, who always make us proud.


You can read the report here: Orchard Mead Academy Report Feb 2022

17th March 2022
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