Catch Up Funding

Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium

We receive catch-up funding for our Year 7 pupils who didn’t reach the expected standard in Key Stage 2 tests.

We are aware of the question level analysis from our individual pupil’s performance in each question and element of the three Key Stage 2 tests: mathematics, reading and grammar, punctuation and spelling. Therefore, our plans to spend the catch-up funding are specific to overcoming these identified areas for development for each pupil.

The effectiveness of this strategy will be continually evaluated.

2020-21 OMA Catch up Premium Plan

2019-20 Catch Up Planned Spend 

2018-19 Catch Up Impact Statement and 19/20 Funding 

2018 – Numeracy Catch Up Plan With Funding

2018 – Literacy Catch Up Plan with Funding

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