Class Charts

A new way to keep up to date with homework and attitude to learning

Orchard Mead Academy is proud to introduce Class Charts, an online platform to keep parents up to date with their children’s homework and behaviour.  No longer will families have to wait for parents’ evenings to get a full picture of what’s happening at school, or how they can help their children achieve their potential.

All families will be given a unique login code to access Class Charts, and students will have their own code too. With the code you can set up a family account, then get all the information through the free app on iOS or Android or through the simple web browser.

All homework will be set via Class Charts. It is simple to see which deadlines are coming up and whether any have been missed. Families can plan their time to support the children’s learning, and students can develop their own time-management skills using the latest technology. There won’t be any more excuses of lost worksheets or scruffy scribblings in planners – all the instructions are there in your own account.

Behaviour is also easy to keep track of.  Families have access to an activity feed of all behaviour, and can see how their children are doing in lessons. You’ll be able to see if your child aced a test or forgot their pencil case within moments of them being logged by teachers.

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