Careers Guidance

Mr P Longman
Careers Lead

Ms B Tomlins
Careers Advisor

The careers education information and guidance provision (CEIAG) is an essential part of the Orchard Mead Academy curriculum.  It prepares students for the opportunities, challenges and responsibilities of adult and working life.

The main objectives of the CEIAG programme are to raise the student’s career aspirations and provide them with this skills and knowledge to achieve these aspirations.

Students may make an appointment to speak to our Careers Advisor, Ms Tomlins, by asking their tutor to make an appointment. Ms Tomlins is available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to speak with students in the Careers Office based in the library.

[email protected]

Please use the below link to access further information

Student entitlement to careers education includes

  • Individual guidance from our Careers Advisor
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date information on opportunities in Education, Training, Apprenticeship and Employment
  • Opportunity for career and job exploration through links to the school curriculum and independent learning
  • Support and guidance throughout the college application process

Please use the below link to access further information.

An outline of our Careers Programme – Year 7
An outline of our Careers Programme – Year 8
An outline of our Careers Programme – Year 9
An outline of our Careers Programme – Year 10
An outline of our Careers Programme – Year 11
Apprenticeships Information
[email protected] – How to Search & Apply
School leaver Destinations – 2018
School Leaver Destinations 2019
School Leavers Destination – 2021


How do we measure  and assess the impact of our Careers offer on our students outcomes? 

We use the Gatsby Benchmark:Good Career Guidance | Education | Gatsby

Gatsby Bench Mark Results – 2020

Are you an employer, education or training provider who would like to add to one of our events or help us with our careers work?

We have a number of events in our careers program which would offer you an opportunity to come into school to speak to students and/or their parents/carers.

These include assemblies, careers evenings, input in lessons and drop in sessions at lunch time and after school. We welcome all offers and would love to hear from you.

Our aim is to ensure that our students have up to date information on the full range opportunities available at you establishment and understand what they need to do to achieve their career goals.

What we can offer youYou can help us by:
Access to students who may be part of your future workforceRaising the aspirations of our students
Raise your profile to the next generation of learners / employeesMaking students aware of the range of opportunities available to them
Young minds to help solve your business problemsEncouraging students to thinking beyond Yr11
Students who will make well informed choices and have the necessary employability skills to take then into the world of workHelping students to understand the world of work and build employability skills
Students to undertake live briefs (market research)Supporting us by being part of our Yr11 mock  interview panel
Give you the opportunity to contribute to the your wider communityWorking with groups of students (big / small)
Supporting with CV writing workshops
Mentoring Students
Hosting experience days


Procedure: A provider wishing to request access should contact P Longman or B Tomlins.

Telephone:  0116 241 3371

Email: [email protected]

To read our Provider Access Policy Statement and our Safeguarding Policy please see our Polices Page

BeReady is an online platform which can help you to improve your employability skills with interactive video training delivered by industry experts.

So, whether you would like to go to University, gain an apprenticeship or a find a job with training, the resources are designed to improve your employability, career opportunities and help you to reach your goal.

On the website you will also find:

  • Well-being resources that you’re able to access that help you with managing stress, adjusting to life at college, university and more
  • Information about university open and taster days and links to take you to the UCAS website where you can explore the university courses available
  • Labour Market Information (LMI) tool which will help you to compare different sectors of work including working hours, salary, expected workforce change and usual responsibilities.

So, have a look at the BeReady Careers platform and start your journey today:

To access the site, simply click here:

Logging on to the platform for the first time

Please take a look at the following guide which explains how you can access the platform for the first time

Accessing the Platform

Navigating the features of the platform

Please take at look at the following PowerPoint which tells you how to use and make the most of the platform

What is Labour Market Information?

Labour Market Information (LMI) can help young people to make informed decisions about their future study and career choices.

LMI tells you about what is happening in the job market at national, regional and local levels and includes information about jobs and salaries, what skills employers are looking for in different industrial sectors, conditions, communities and future trends.

LMI can help you discover where the job opportunities are, the sectors, occupations and locations you need to look out for, and help you identify the skills you might need to develop in the future.

Useful Links

 UCAS Requirements                        Prospects                                            NHS Careers


Which University?                          Apprenticeships Information             National Careers Service

Connexions Leicester City

Colleges Links

WQE                                                  Gateway College                         Leicester College

Beauchamp College                              Regent College               City of Leicester College

Loughborough College             South Leicestershire College     Brooksby Melton College


Reviewed and updated: September 2022

Next review date: September 2023

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