Exam Timetable

Please see below details of the Year 11 Mock Exam Timetable for October 2019

DateStartLengthExam Name
Week 1
22.10.1910:451hr 45minEnglish P1
22.10.1913:151hr 15minHistory
22.10.1913:151hr 15minGeography
23.10.1910:451hr 30minMaths
23.10.1910:451hr 30minMaths
23.10.1913:151hr 15minGeography
23.10.1913:151hr 15minHistory
24.10.1910:451hr 10 minSci Combined – Chemistry
24.10.1910:451hr 45 minSci Triple –  Biology
25.10.1910:451hr 30minMaths
25.10.1910:451hr 30minMaths
25.10.1913:1535/45minFrench Listening
Week 2
29.10.1910:451hr 10 minSci Combined – Physics
29.10.1910:451hr 45 minSci Triple – Physics
29.10.1913:151hr 15 minChild Development
30.10.1909:3045/60minFrench Reading
30.10.1910:4560/75minFrench Writing
30.10.1913:151hr 30minMaths
30.10.1913:151hr 30minMaths
31.10.1910:451hr 45minEnglish P2
01.11.1910:451hr30minComputer Science
01.11.19All Day27minFrench Speaking – time slots to be allocated