Here at Orchard Mead we are looking at ways to connect with our community, and in turn, to connect our community with a wider network of support, organisation’s, guidance and advice on a broad range of issues.

Within school, we are always striving to remove barriers to learning for our students, however on a wider scale, we also want to remove barriers for families, that may impact on a students progress and ability to access all that Orchard Mead has to offer.

Every half term, we will be hosting a Community Roots morning, with a different focus, but with regular external visitors to offer guidance on current issues.

Local police, community nurses, Education Welfare Officers , Money Advice Plus and Living Without Abuse have all attended.

Our local Tesco’s community champion is also supporting our venture, as we proceed.

For any further information, or if you wanted to volunteer your organisations services to one of our events, please get in touch with:

[email protected]