At Orchard Mead Academy we believe that homework is an important way to consolidate what we have learnt during the school day. Our homework is rooted in educational research, and we strive to ensure that our actions are based on the latest, relevant research to support learning. According to the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) the regularly setting of appropriately challenging and well considered homework can add up to five additional month’s progress per academic year.

The purpose of homework at Orchard Mead Academy is to support the work being done in lessons and to enhance pupils’ understanding of key aspects of the subjects we teach. We value our subject experts and so subject leaders strive to create homework that is relevant to their curriculum and supports the specific knowledge and skills of each subject discipline.

How is homework set?

At GCSE your child’s homework is determined by the subject leader of the subjects they have continued to study. Most subjects set weekly homework. At Key Stage 3, your child’s teacher will set homework in line with the homework calendar:


Each of our Year Groups have a set book to read during Tutor Time, with a schedule of reading homework to follow to keep on track with reading the book within their tutor group throughout the term. We encourage students to make use of the library and read as much as possible for pleasure, books are brilliant.

The Year 7 book is One. You can find the reading homework plan here: Y7 One- Reading Homework

The Year 8 book is Booked. You can find the reading homework plan here: Y8- Booked- Reading Homework

The Year 9 book is The Black Flamingo. You can find the reading homework plan here: Y9 The Black Flamingo- Reading Homework

The Year 10 book is Punching The Air. You can find the reading homework plan here: Y10 Punching the Air- Reading Homework


The Year 11 book is Boys Don’t Cry. You can find the reading homework plan here: Y11 Boys Dont Cry- Reading Homework


If you would like to record your own reading outside of the books for Tutor time, why not use the reading log here: Reading Log



How can I help my child with their homework?

  • Check when homework is being set online so that you support your child to take responsibility for completing their homework
  • Help your child to revise the core knowledge in each subject.
  • Support them in understanding when is a good time to do their homework, for example on straight after school on the day the homework is set
  • Ensure that they have frequent breaks and healthy snacks
  • Support a love of reading. Ask your child about the books they are reading in school or ask about the books they’ve enjoyed the most


We are moving to Satchel One to mange homework for students this academic year, and this is a parent friendly app which will enable you to keep track of your child’s homework and up to date with their progress.


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