Did you know that some 5-16 year old’s qualify for free home to school travel assistance?

The below is taken from: Free bus pass to school (leicester.gov.uk)

To qualify for help with transport, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a resident of Leicester City
  • Your child is attending the nearest qualifying school to your home – this is the closest school to your home address by the shortest available walking route or your priority / catchment school.

The walking distance (using the shortest walking route) from your home to the nearest qualifying school must be:

  • More than two miles if they are under 8 years old, or;
  • More than three miles if they are 8 – 16 years old

If your child is entitled to free school meals, or if your family get the maximum level Working Tax Credit or universal credit element (this is where there is no reduction to Working Tax Credit due to your income), they could get free transport if they:

  • attend the nearest available primary school and the walking distance from home is more than two miles, or;
  • attend one of the three nearest available secondary schools and the walking distance from home is more than 2 and less than 6 miles or;
  • attend the nearest available secondary school preferred on the grounds of religion or belief, and the walking distance from home is more than 2 and less than 15 miles.

If your application is rejected and you then wish to appeal, email [email protected] asking for the decision to be reviewed and explaining why you feel it is wrong. You will need to give details of any additional information you believe should be considered. Appeals must be submitted within 20 working days of the original decision.

If you have lost your bus pass, please contact the school transport team on 0116 454 1009 (option 2) or email [email protected]. Please be aware there may be a small charge for replacing the pass.

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