Orchard Mead Academy is located North East Leicester, on the the outskirts of the Hamilton and Netherhall Estates, our full address and contact details can be found here.

There are a number of different ways students travel to Orchard Mead Academy, these include:

We encourage as many students as possible to walk or ride their bike to school, as this offers a healthy start and end to the academic day.  We suggest younger students familiarise themselves with the route they will use, and perhaps walk it with a parent in the summer before starting school so they feel comfortable and know how long it will take.

Make sure you stay safe by using the main routes into school, walk with a friend where you can, and always leave home in time to arrive in school by your start time.

For those who wish to ride their bike to school, we have plenty of bicycle racks within the academy. Bicycles are left at students own risk and we strongly recommend that students lock up their bikes. Orchard Mead Academy does not take any responsibility for any loss or damage.

This info-graphic (MISSING FILE) shows walking and cycling times to Orchard Mead Academy.

You can also plan safe routes using the Choose How you Move website.

Directions to Orchard Mead Academy can be found here. Please use postcode LE5 1RT

Whilst we do have a car park on site we would kindly ask you not to use this for dropping off, and collecting your child during the school day as it causes congestion and creates a danger to all our children arriving and leaving the school site.

This info-graphic (MISSING FILE) shows bus stops and routes within 10 minute walk of the Academy.

A number of bus routes serve our school:

First Bus

  • First Bus operate the 38 and 38A from Leicester City
  • They also provide a dedicated end of the school day service at 2.45pm, which starts on the Academy site, and a further bus at 3pm from just outside the Academy. School staff support students at the end of the day until they are safely on these buses.


  • Arriva operates the the 58 and 58A  from Leicester to Netherhall & Hamilton.

Centre Bus

  • Centre bus operates the the number 40 bus around the outer edge of the city, passing along Keyham Lane West.

Could your child be eligible for a free school bus pass?

Who is eligible?

Your child could get free transport if they attend the nearest available school, and the walking distance from home is:

  • More than two miles if they are under 8 years old, or;
  • More than three miles if they are 8 – 16 years old

If your child is entitled to free school meals, or if you get the maximum level Working Tax Credit (this is where there is no reduction to Working Tax Credit due to your income), they could get free transport if they:

  • attend the nearest available primary school and the walking distance from home is more than two miles, or;
  • attend one of the three nearest available secondary schools and the walking distance from home is more than 2 and less than 6 miles or;
  • attend the nearest available secondary school preferred on the grounds of religion or belief, and the walking distance from home is more than 2 and less than 15 miles.

Further information on school travel can be found on the Leicester City Councils web page here. 

Please click here to apply for a free bus pass if you think you may be entitled to claim.