The list below includes some key individuals who may be able to help you with your query.

For general enquiries please use [email protected]

To email a member of staff, please use the following format:[first initial][last name] e.g. G Lineker – [email protected]

Name Role
Mark Oldman Executive Principal
Subrina Johal Principal
Katie Lowe Vice Principal – Safeguarding and Attendance
Stuart Morton Vice Principal – Quality of Education
Rachel McClusky-Lynch Assistant Principal – Culture and Behaviour
Phil Longman Assistant Principal – Careers, Attendance and Enrichment
Claire Harley Assistant Principal – Curriculum and Assessment
Emma Topley Assistant Principal – SEND and The Grove
Tasnim Yusuf Assistant Principal – Inclusion
Nicola Gorman Academy Manager
Name Role
Ms K Watts Head of Maths
Ms P Smith Head of English
Ms B Finn Head of Science
Mr Z Copley Head of ICT/Computing
Ms K Khan Head of Business Studies
Ms A Hudson Head of History
Ms V Payne Head of Geography
Ms E Britton Head of Growth
Mr R Patel Head of MFL
Ms K James Head of Art
Mr B Cave Head of DT
Mr G Khabra Head of Music
Ms J Brooks Head of Drama
Mr L Hill Head of PE
Name Role
Ms K Patel Head of Year 7
Mr C Chuku Assistant Head of Year 7
Ms R Newcombe Head of Year 8
Ms E Parmar Assistant Head of Year 8
Ms N Dhani Head of Year 9
Mr A Williams Assistant Head of Year 9
Ms R Pithwa Head of Year 10
Ms C Bates Assistant Head of Year 10
Mr T Wing Head of Year 11
Ms A Rimmington Assistant Head of Year 11
Ms L Reeve Pastoral Lead
Ms V Hill Safeguarding Officer
Ms M Springthorpe Safeguarding Officer
Ms K Hulbert DSP Lead