What do numbered grades mean?

The Government benchmark for a standard pass (high grade) at GCSE is a grade 4. Previously (under the old A* to G grading structure) the Government considered a grade C as a higher GCSE grade. As shown in the table, a grade 5 is now called a strong pass at GCSE. This is a higher grade than the old C grade and is more challenging to achieve.

What information will I receive?

During the year, you will complete regular tests in each of your subjects. These tests will help the teacher to predict the grade you will achieve at the end of Year 11.

For each subject, your child’s report will show:

  • The target grade – this is the grade you should aim to achieve in the subject by the end of the year. • The predicted grade – this is the grade your teacher thinks you will achieve in the subject at the end of the year (based on your current progress).

These grades will use the new 9-1 grading system.

We do this with the aim of giving you an indication of what the most likely GCSE grade your child is likely to achieve in each subject i.e. what they are working towards. Teachers look at the rate of progress pupils make each year, how much they know and what skills they develop and estimate what grade this would lead to at GCSE.

What does my child’s target grade mean?

Target grades are based on your child’s Key Stage 2 SATS or alternative literacy and numeracy tests. We use them as an estimate for what your child should achieve at KS4 and our teachers use the information when planning lessons. It is important to remember that your child’s target grade is an estimate and that all children develop at different rates, rather than evenly over the course of their time at secondary school. We would like your focus to be on your child’s attitude to learning grade as this will have the biggest impact on how they achieve in school.

If you have any questions about grades in a particular subject, you can contact the subject leader using the details on our school website. If you have any questions about target grades more generally, please contact Mrs Harl