We will provide for all our students access to the best which has been thought, said, written and created in every field of human endeavour so that they are knowledgeable, critical, enriched and well poised to lead fulfilling lives.

As a school we ensure that our subject curriculum rationales are evaluated using expertise from across our trust, the wider subject community, educational research and the most relevant up-to-date curriculum thinking. At Orchard Mead Academy we value expertise and challenge our teachers to thinking critically evaluate their planning through Curriculum Reviews and develop subject mastery through our TMET Subject Improvement Forums.

The students’ spiritual, moral and ethical development is addressed through the formal curriculum in a number of subjects, including the Growth Curriculum. It also occurs through assemblies, numerous extra-curricular activities, residential experiences and resonates throughout the ethos of the school.

All students receive careers advice and have the benefit of taking part in a well-integrated leadership programme as well as work related and enterprise opportunities.

Recovery Curriculum

At Orchard Mead Academy we are evaluating the impact of lockdowns and periods of individual pupil isolation upon our pupils academic progress, with a view to reviewing each curriculum subject carefully and thoughtfully, to ensure that our pupils progress and future academic achievements are not negatively impacted by the interruptions to their education. Our pupils and teachers worked diligently through this period to minimise the disruption to their academic journey, and now we are working just as diligently to review our curriculum plans and ensure they are as impactful as possible. We have been following guidance produced by the government and educational organisations such as the NFER during this process, and if you would like to know more about the work that has taken place and the work underway, please contact Mrs Harley or subject leaders.

Courses of Study

Year 7: English, Mathematics, Science, French, History, Geography, RE, Music, Art, Drama, ICT, Design & Technology, Physical Education, Growth.

Year 8-9: The above curriculum is continued.

Key Stage 4 – Years 10-11: all students study English (Language and Literature), Mathematics, Science (either Combined Science or Biology, Chemistry and Physics as separate subjects), PSHE and Physical Education, with an increasing number required to continue to study French. They may also choose additional subjects from a broad range including Art, Business Studies, Child Development, Citizenship, Computer Science, Drama, Dance, Film Studies, ICT, Media Studies, Music, PE & Sport, Design & Technology, Food Preparation and Nutrition