At Orchard Mead, we want as many students participating in our extra curricular provision so that we see students thrive as learners and as people!

…Why should you?

  • Improves your experience at Orchard Mead Academy.
  • Improves your physical, cognitive, social, moral and emotional intelligence.
  • Get better at sports and activities you enjoy!
  • Make more friends.
  • Help gain house points.
  • Earn additional LORIC points for your PE group.

Remember – A great attitude and effort is essential in all our clubs!

Pupils should speak to the staff member linked to each club, to find out more and sign up.

To register your child for a free evening meal and participation in the extended provision (till 5.30 pm) let us know here.

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Autumn Term Clubs

Day Place Activity Year group

Available Places

Staff Finish time
Lunchtime Clubs
Monday Art 1 Doodle Club Yr7 Mrs Drca Lunchtime
Tuesday Art 1 Yr 11 Art Club Yr 11 Mrs James Lunchtime
Tuesday Art 2 Yr 8 and 9 Art Club Yr8 & 9 Miss Mitchell Lunchtime
Wednesday Art 1 and 2 Year 10 Art and Photography Club Yr 10 Mrs Drca and Miss Mitchell Lunchtime
After School Clubs
Tuesday L3 French Y9, Y10 and Y11    25 places JVN 3.50pm
Tuesday PA1 + PA2 School production rehearsal -Mary Poppins All Years GKA,MAN,JGR,JBS 4pm
Tuesday S8 KS4 Science Drop In Year 11 Students BFN 4pm
Tuesday S4 Science Club Year 7/8 Students. 15 max. ACE 4pm
Tuesdays E5 How to answer GCSE English questions Year 11 JPN 4 pm
Tuesdays E9 Book Tok KS4 NRS 4 pm

(After half term)

TBC Cooking Club Yr 7 BCE 4.30pm
Wednesday S1 Triple Science Revision Club Year 11 Triple Students only SAN 3.30
Wednesday PA2+PA3 School production

rehearsal -Mary Poppins

All years LHS, JBS 4pm
Wednesday H10 Kindness Club All years ASW 4PM
Wednesday H9 Orchard Express All years AHN 4PM
Wednesday E1  rap/poetry club All years – 20 places  Kate Ryan  4pm
Wednesday L2 Wellbeing Club KS3 VHL 4 pm
Tuesday L3 French Y9, Y10 and Y11    25 places JVN 3.50pm
Tuesday L3 French Y9, Y10 and Y11    25 places JVN 3.50pm
Thursday H9 History Revision Y11 DGH 3:45pm
Thursday IT2 Coding Club




RPI 3.30pm


Thursday Art 1 GCSE Coursework Year 10 and 11 K JAMES 3 – 4
Thursday H2 Health and Social Care and Child Development coursework and study support KS4 students Ms Britton Thursday
Thursday L5 French theatre club All years   20 places LRT (French language assistant – from November -April) 3.25 (half an hour session)
Thursday PA3 Drama Club KS3 JBS 4pm
Thursday PA2 ‘Sing up!’ Choir All years GKA -Gemma [singing teacher] 4pm
Thursday PA1 Music club All years JGR 4pm
Thursday H10 -Health & Social Care catch up KS4 – no max ETY / EBN / ASW 4PM
Thursday H10 -Child Development KS4 – no max ETY / EBN / ASW 4PM
Thursday IT4 KS4 IT revision/coursework 11 ISN 3.30pm
Thursday L2 Wellbeing Club KS4 VHL 4pm
Friday IT4 KS4 IT revision/coursework 11 ISN 3.30pm
Friday PA3 GCSE catch up Year 11 JBS 4pm

Willing students will need to sign up for a club in the first week of every half term.

15-25 places are available for each club (see below).

If students haven’t signed up and the club is full, unfortunately they won’t be able to attend.

Students will lose their place in the club if they have not attended for 3 consecutive weeks.

Students will also now need to wear full PE kit for each club (or other sports clothing if their PE kit is being washed).

Students can sign up outside the PE office this week during their breaktimes, lunchtimes and any day afterschool.

Day Facility Activity Students Staff
Tuesday Sports hall Basketball Years 9-11 mixed Mr Hill
Field Football Years 7-8 Mr Quinn
Front courts Netball & Girls Football All years Mrs Foster/Miss Brighton
Field Football Years 9-11 Mr Wing/Mr Gonsalves
Dance studio Dance All years Mrs Harris
Wednesday Front courts/Field Cricket All years Mr Wing
Sports hall Basketball Years 7-8 Mr Hill/ Mr Gonsalves
Thursday Fitness Suite Fitness All years Mr Quinn
Sports hall Badminton All years Mrs Foster/ Mr Gonsalves

Monday-Thursday, 8.00-4.00

Fridays, 8.00-3.30

What can students do in the library?

  • Browse and borrow books
  • Read
  • Revise
  • Homework

We have Chromebooks which students can borrow to complete homework and to revise.