The Business Studies curriculum aims to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of the business world. Our curriculum offers opportunities to study a wide range of business ideas and scenarios – from a sole trader start-up to large multinational corporations, and to demonstrate to students that there are many career opportunities for them. Students are introduced to the concepts of enterprise and entrepreneurs, and the importance of people and problem-solving in business. Students develop an appreciation of business ethics and legislation, as well as the environmental impact of business activity.

Business Studies GCSE is an option subject and is only taught in year 10 and 11.

Content overview Assessment overview
Business Activity



Business 1: business activity, marketing and people (01)

80 marks

1 hour 30 minutes paper

50% of total GCSE



Influences on business

The interdependent nature of business

Business 2: Operations, finance, and influences on business (02)

80 marks

1 hour 30 minutes paper

50% of total GCSE

Course information The GCSE Business studies specification:

GCSE – Business (9-1) – J204 (from 2017) – OCR

OCR GCSE Business past papers:

GCSE – Business (9-1) – J204 (from 2017) – OCR

Revision Guides My Revision notes: OCR GCSE (9-1) Business

ISBN: 978150423695

Revision Booklet for each unit.

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Miss K Khan