Citizenship teaches pupils about world events and they learn about current affairs and talk about them. There is discussion and debate in lessons and we hear all the viewpoints and develop communication skills in these lessons.

Citizenship education teaches pupils the skills and confidence to work in any walk of life. It is a fascinating subject and compatible with A Levels in English, politics, sociology, and psychology.

Former students of citizenship GCSE are now studying law, medicine or politics at university, some are primary school teachers and others work in the police force.


Themes of Citizenship underpin our Growth curriculum, and pupils are encouraged to debate and discuss issues such as Human Rights, Equality, BLM, and political issues such as the conflicts around the world. They will study past and present examples of how citizenship affects the world, and make links between citizenship and the other areas of the Growth curriculum.


We study Pearson Edexcel GCSE Citizenship Studies (1CS0), and study units such as Living together in the UK, Democracy at work in the UK and Taking citizenship action.

You will have the opportunity to visit court rooms and parliament and the supreme court. You will take part in an active citizenship campaign; in the past we have fundraised for a charity.

Subject Leader/s

Mrs E. Britton