Music is studied by all pupils at Orchard Mead Academy, with one hour lessons a week during Key Stage 3.

Music is an option for GCSE during Years 10 and 11.

During KS3 students cover a range of musical areas of study:

  • theory skills
  • keyboard skills
  • composition skills
  • guitar skills
  • vocal skills
  • ensemble/band skills

In Year 7 these skills are introduced, with a focus on building knowledge of the elements of music.

In Year 8 the students develop their skills by studying them within the context of specific musical genres.

In Year 9 the curriculum is tailored to create a pathway into KS4. As a result, students learn about the key differences between musical styles, start to develop their own compositions, and begin to focus on a specific instrument in order to develop a performance focus.

Students have 1 hour of Music per week.

KS4 Music:

At Orchard Mead Academy, we offer the BTEC Tech Award in Music Practice to students choosing Music as an option subject. This course is practical and coursework-based, with no written exam. There is a focus on developing musical skills in different professional contexts, learning about different styles and key musicians/bands throughout musical history from Classical to Modern.

Through the different vocational units students will get hands on experience and listen to a wide variety of music across several genres and decades to trace the history of modern music. Students will develop their performance, composition and production / music technology skills.

During their two-year course, students will complete the following components:

Component 1 – Exploring Musical Products and Styles (30%) – Internally marked and moderated, with external sampling

Component 2 – Music Skills Development (30%) – Internally marked and moderated, with external sampling

Component 3 – Responding to a Commercial Music Brief (40%) – Externally marked and moderated

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Subject Leader/s

Dr G. Khabra