Pastoral Care

At Orchard Mead Academy we take the pastoral support that we provide for our young people very seriously.  We believe that happy, healthy students will thrive and succeed, therefore we have a large dedicated staff who make this goal their priority.

On arrival, each student is placed in one of four Houses.  Our Houses are all named after Greek mythical creatures and are a connection to the Community College’s original 1950s school logo, the Chimera.  You can read more about our House System by downloading this document. The House System at OMA

In each House our tutor groups are arranged vertically.  Vertical Tutor Groups contain students from Year 7 to 11 in each form group, rather than a single Year Group as is the case in traditional form groups.  You can read more about Vertical Tutoring by downloading this document. Vertical Tutoring

The Tutor is responsible for having the overview of the care for each student in their tutor group.  They provide a useful link with home and will support students’ general needs.

In addition, each House is supported by a Pastoral Coordinator (PASCOs) who is a non-teacher and will deal with any issue that may arise during the school day.  They provide valuable support for students and their families before, during and after the school day.  Each House is led by a Head of House whose role it is to ensure excellent standards of attendance and behaviour in order to improve outcomes for the young people within their House.  The Head of House is also responsible for promoting and implementing their House ethos, and organising events and competitions within and between Houses to develop a healthy sense of competition.  Our House Calendar is currently being updated for the new year please check back soon.

Supporting Positive Behaviour for Learning at Orchard Mead.

Good behaviour for learning is absolutely vital if students are to make good progress and succeed.  The school has a clear set of expectations and routines which all students and staff are expected to follow.  These are simple, and focused on ensuring we are all able to work and learn in an environment which is safe and effective for learning.  For a copy of Our Behaviour for Learning Expectations please download this document. Behaviour for Learning Expectations.

We strongly believe that effective behaviour for learning is achieved through the development and promotion of positive relationships between all members of our school community and our values, which we expect both students and staff to follow to, encapsulate this commitment. Our values also have their basis in the fundamental British Values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs.

At the centre of our Behaviour Management Policy is the use of rewards to recognise the contribution, effort and achievement of students who are committed to our Behaviour for Learning expectations and Our Values.  The rewards are accessible to all and are aimed at motivating students to try their best during their time at Orchard Mead.  To to read more about our Rewards please download this document. Rewards at OMA.

Some students will need further support with their behaviour or attendance.  Students who require more support and a greater personalised approach are supported in our REACH Centre.

We value our relationships with parents, carers and other significant adults involved in our young people’s lives.  We strive to ensure that we communicate effectively with parents at all times and we welcome contact from families.

Please address your child’s form tutor, PASCO or Head of House for any support that you may need in the following ways:

Telephone the school’s receptionist on: 0116 2413371

Or by email in the following ways:

Arion House

Head of House:

Ms Helen O’Hanlon  Email: [email protected]


Ms Charlotte Rose Email: [email protected]

Phoenix House

Head of House:

Ms Kerry Mace  Email: [email protected]


Mrs Pat Loveday  Email: [email protected]

Chiron House

Head of House:

Ms Gemma Bailey  Email: [email protected]


Ms Molly Lowe-Spicer  Email [email protected]

Griffin House

Head of House

Ms Kirtee Patel  Email [email protected]


Ms Vicki Hill  Email [email protected]

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